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Yesterday I went with my sis to see her baby via some sound waves. It was spectacular. I knew what to expect, but seriously, when your attitude is different because you will know and love this baby it feels different. Plus I’m just really excited for her. She’s gonna be wonderful. We saw the baby’s brain, hands, feet, spine, heart, face, profile, arms, legs, etc. All there from what I could tell. Baby even moved around and we could see! Welcome to the family jalapeno!

I have this friend that I go garage sale shopping with a lot. It’s fun because I like looking at other people’s stuff (shhh! I heard that!) and I can always find something at a super bargain. But that was summer, and this is now… Anyway, I am known by many friends as a thrifty but infrequent shopper. I inherited my mother’s distain for shopping. I don’t mind that people like shopping recreationally, I would just rather attend on a less than occasional basis. Oh right, so my friend, ever since then she’s trapped me into shopping practically everytime we go out. I’ll think it’s just lunch, or a walk, and then BAM! Shopping. I know that I could tell her that I don’t like shopping, but I have the distinct feeling that I am one of the only people she ever sees outside of her boyfriend and work, and I want to… make her happy. But the shopping is killing me. I even resolved to tell her that I couldn’t… I rarely buy anything anyway when we go out. So last night I foolishly thought that we were just going to have dinner and she said something along the lines of “I hope you’re ready cuz WE’RE GOIN TO THE MALL!” So I whined a little, and again I was suckered into going. It wasn’t that bad, it never really is, but I just can’t really find a tactful way to say that I don’t like doing that with her. I’ve even said I don’t like shopping like she likes it, I only like to go through the bins of 5 cent treasures in the box outside. She doesn’t seem to see. I think this could either be a test in patience or a lesson for a push-over. Or both. I could push and tell her firmly “NO!” but then where would that leave me? I really like her too, so it doesn’t help that now everytime we make a plan to go out I’m actually afraid that it will happen all over again, and it does. Whatev. I had to spew.

Jeck pup/Hyde pup

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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