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  1. Less large than life

    I noticed quite a few pics of almost nekkid women in your collage. Now tells me one of two things:
    1: You’re a closet lesbo. Not that there’s anything wrong with that
    2: In a collage of 71 pictures my eyes instantly jump to nekkid women. Thus I am a pervert.

    Wonder which it could be.
    See you in a few to watch that documentry on chewy candy.

  2. I also saw what I thought to be an unusual amount of almost naked women. Well, ok, mostly I saw boobs.

    I know you’re not a “closet lesbo,” so we know where that leaves me. 🙂

    1. yea, actually the friend that did this before me noticed the same thing about hers. I don’t mind so much, but the “all anal movies” thingy kinda bugs me, and I’m just not sure how they could get that from my interests. So whatev yo.

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