Into the unknown

We've been consumed with getting the house ready to put on the market. Between that, our jobs, the kids, and all those little odds and ends, we're pretty whooped at the end of each day. We're close, though. House will go up this week, and we'll start this adventure in earnest.

Jeff and I have been taking these walks together almost every night. We get Lindsay to watch the kids for an hour (or even just 10 minutes, we take what we can get) and we just get out and take steps together. It's a really welcome date, especially when things feel so complicated and unpredictable. Walking with my love is simple and bonding goodness for me. Tonight we went to the land. It's only a mile from our house, and it's nice to occasionally connect the two and remember that we're not going very far. This process of detaching is strange and exciting and a little sad. This house has really stitched itself into my heart. I mean, I was 24 when we bought it, and I remember thinking that they'd made some kind of silly mistake giving this beautiful home to a couple of kids with a baby. I guess it just always felt like a big gift to me. It still does.

These walls have housed so much. I know the land carries the promise of the same. We'll make anywhere our home, and our lives will continue to unfold whatever we do.

I've been thinking about how Jeff and I have been together for 10 years this spring. We have this piece of art in our bedroom by Brian Andreas, and lately it's been so perfect for me to meditate on.

This whole year, but especially the past couple of months, have fostered a lot of new growth in me. I can feel it, although I'm not sure I have a whole lot of insight about it just yet. I just feel that muscle has been built. I feel stronger, wiser, and more grateful. I suppose that's good, because I sense that we are heading into the unknown.


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