This morning has been invigorating. Jeff and I got up and went straight to a nearby coffee shop for the "Ypsi Urban Farmer Breakfast" hosted by Growing Hope. We got there a little late, but were warmly welcomed and caught up. We split into smaller groups and talked about cooperative efforts and community advocacy, and I know people were talking chickens and bees but we didn’t get in on those groups this time. Then some of us took a little field trip down the road to see the chickens and goats at Mr. Thomason’s house (the guy that Gretchen and I had coffee with not long ago). People were so excited, and I heard a guy say "Man, this is what I fantasize about all day…" when he saw Mr. Thomason’s little greenhouse. There were people talking about donating space in their yards for others for just a share of the veggies they produce. Really good stuff happening. Vera got to touch a chicken too… er, I guess the chicken touched her. Everyone was so nice and excited, and I talked with one woman in particular about how great and unpretentious this town is, and also how great a community it has. We talked about how awesome events like that are, because we all are really kindred spirits, willing and able to facilitate this movement, but we just need to find each other. Plus, we ate bagels with cream cheese, tomato, and lox (one of my favorite things ever)… and also brownie and coffee. A good morning.

Then Jeff and I went down the road to the paint store to get the finish for our kitchen floor. It’s all ripped up and down to the wood (it was this terrible falling apart peel-and-stick tile stuff), and so we decided to ditch the idea of tile- it’s too hard to find enough used anyway, and tends to be really expensive- and just finish the existing floor as well as we can. I think it’s gonna be cool, and we’ll hopefully have it done this weekend. I’ll post pictures soon. I’ll post pictures of everything soon- I think if I keep waiting until things are completely done it’ll be years…

Oh! And the garden is such an exciting thing this year. My blank canvas. I got a design that Jeff really likes, and I’m proud of it. I think it’ll be beautiful and productive and there will still be room for the dog and little bare feet to run around. We’re also going to make a cob play house for Vera… Well, and for Jeff and I too. Who says adults can’t have a play house? I’m thinking it’ll be something like this. I’d like it to be compact, but big enough for two or three adults to sit in it, or for like 5 kids to play around in. I also want to grow stuff on top of it… no wasted space! The coolest part? It’s practically free to make it, and it’s naturally insulating and awesome looking. I love it. We figure, if we’re going to take over most of the yard for garden and eventually chickens, Vera should have some cool place to call her own and show her friends.

Anyway, I’m a dreamer lately.

Quote of the day (one of my favorite poems and the origin of my blog title):

The Dream Keeper

Bring me all of your dreams,
you dreamers,
Bring me all your heart melodies,
that I may wrap them in a blue cloud cloth,
Away from the too rough fingers of the world

-Langston Hughes


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