I’m sore, but in a really good way…

You know that deep burn that you get the day after a good workout, the kind that leaves you really feeling your body and muscles and stretching takes on this kind of heavenly pain? Well, I’ve got that. I started this new postnatal exercise regimen that really makes you target muscles and, even though it’s not hard, it is a lot of repetition and sort of forces you to do the exercise correctly. Whew. It’s good stuff. I also took two walks yesterday because it was so great out. Anyway, I feel good. Also, as Jeff was about to leave for class I sort of mumbled to myself that I need a nap, a long shower, and a full body massage. He turned to me and said “I’m sure we can work something out…”     That’s what I’m talkin about.

Lately, in addition to feeling fantastically good about most things, I am really starting to realize how flipped life is once a baby is in the picture. This is not really bad or good- just really really different. Like, I was so used to life being so cyclical. The week would go by, and then Friday would come and I’d have this weekend ahead of me- full of opportunity and freedom. Well, I don’t get a weekend anymore. Sometimes I don’t even really get a night. It just all keeps going. Every time I start to feel overwhelmed by that I just remember that life was always in one straight line, it’s just my feelings about certain times that gave me the illusion of a “break.” Well, now I don’t get a “break” anymore, but I can still be relaxed and happy and entertained. All of those things are still there, the timing is just not nearly so predictable. Yay for adventure! Yay for life that doesn’t have any breaks- because really I don’t want a break. Usually if I get that feeling I need something else- rest, comfort, attention- but not a break. Life doesn’t really give us breaks. I suppose if you wanna get dark then the real break from life would be death, and I know I’m in no rush. I guess all I’m saying is that, even though things are busy and sometimes relentless, I love it and I know that I want to cherish and inhale it all day long.

March 25th:
Hahaha. She does this all the time, and sometimes her lips will quiver and it will fall out completely.

March 26th:
Now I understand the whir of laundry that most mothers seem to be caught in. Now if I could just get everything put away…

March 27th:
Maya loves loves LOVES other dogs. She has a best friend next door, a pug named Ruthie. They have two dogs, Ruthie and Jade, but Jade is not as friendly so really Maya just plays with Ruthie. Every time she sees the owner come home she goes crazy asking me to go outside. I let her out and she just whizzes around the corner and sits right at the fence watching. This doesn’t even guarantee that the dogs will come out- but she just waits there occasionally letting out a whiney bark. I’m excited for the warm weather because then she can have more play time with them and she’ll meet dogs at the park too.

Just messing around. I like how sometimes you can get a picture to look almost like a painting.

Tonight I’m going to the ICPJ dinner and a movie event with Gretchen and Tuula. The movie seems really interesting. After that we are going to a bar (very briefly as babies will be in slings) to say goodbye to our friend who is randomly leaving for the Navy. What is up with all these folks joining up? I mean, it’s even more confusing cuz it’s people I never would have guessed- who are completely opposed to the war too. It makes me sad, but what can I do? So we’re going to wish him well. Should be a good night though, all in all.

Quote of the day:
“Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come.” -Carl Sandburg


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