I’m off like a prom dress!

In approximately 4 hours I will be on the road to Nashville, TN. Woohoo! The weather should be about 15 degrees warmer, and the best part is I get to see my Katy.
The plan so far is to eat really well, see lots of live music, and party it up like there’s no tomorrow- which is exactly what I’m gonna do.
We’re bringing Maya as well, I’m excited to see her with Alice (Me & K’s cat)- if Alice will go anywhere near her.
Anyhow, i don’t have much to say other than I probably won’t be updating before Tuesday. If i do it means I woke up before everybody else, which means I should go back to bed.
Bye, y’all!


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  1. kazzibee

    oOH will Dwight Yoakam be there? I was just listening to him last night.


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