I’m having the best day

For whatever reason I feel awesome.
Jeff found this band on the radio and he thought “Grace would love this.” It’s a good thing he had that thought, cuz it’s true.
This band has the coolest story: Girl solo musician is totally in love with this guy’s new album and can’t stop listening to it. Meanwhile… Guy solo musician is totally in love with this girl’s new album and can’t stop listening to it. Star crossed music lovers! So they’ve been having a musical love affair ever since- they are The Weepies. This song “The World Spins Madly On” is so doing it for me today. Check it out if you get the chance. http://www.myspace.com/theweepies you know you want to.
I need to play my guitar more. I need to start writing songs again.
Do you ever think that you can somehow summon someone’s presence just by thinking about them? It seems to me that whenever I start randomly thinking of someone I haven’t thought of in a while they’ll show up somehow. Or the other way around. I’ll randomly call someone and they’ll say “Hey, I was just thinking about you!” It’s weird. I don’t really mind, except when I start having dreams or thinking randomly about someone I DON’T want to see. Then I start thinking they’ll pop up somewhere. I guess the world will do what it wants.

This is Duncan. He was our Xmas tree last year. I’ve decided today is his birthday. I’m glad he’s doing well. Cute little feller. Happy birthday Duncan.


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