I’m back and I’m sick. poop.

I had a great time, but I’ve come down with something gross and I’ve been moping around all day.
However, I do have some fun pictures! So it can’t all be bad, right?

The first full day was spent enjoying the beautiful weather and the new fall colors. I did exactly what I said I would- I ate extremely delicious and beautiful food, drank yumtastic drinks, and frolicked- lots of frolicking.
We ate sushi at a place called Ru Sans (note: if any of you are ever in Nashville or Atlanta make a point to go here and get Dynamite Yaki, or anything on the menu for that matter. My god.). One of the amazing things about Nick (the lovely boy who stole dear Katy away) is that he has this ability to get people to love him and give him things. Needless to say, we didn’t spend as much as we should’ve.
The next day Nick’s lip had swollen up so big he had to go to urgent care. His tooth was infected, so J and I had to fend for ourselves, which was just fine because it was the prettiest day of them all.
The Parthenon- this is something like 93% to scale. It’s supposed to be a close to exact replica. Kinda neato, huh?
Then there’s this place called “love circle”- it’s called that because the road is actually named Love Circle. Anyway, it takes you up in a long spiral until you reach a place where you can see the whole city. Bravo.
Candid photos of Jeff and I, of course. I was just… um… meditating as usual. Jeff is… you know.. being wise.
This is Katy’s cute little house at the bottom of a hill. Awww.
The fall colors in KY and TN were just unreal. We foolishly tried to capture what we could of this on film, however it just doesn’t look nearly as vibrant as it did in person. If you look verrrrry close, you can see Dwight Yoakam sitting in the second orange tree to the left.
We continued to frolic, as good frolicking people do, and a good time was had by all.
Our drive back was made into an all day adventure. We stopped at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky- this place is incredible. It’s the longest cave in the world- 367 miles long. I would have been super impressed by this factoid had I been to short caves before. However, this was my first spelunking adventure, so I was impressed just by everything. Caves are really frikkin cool.

Don’t mind my strange expression- i was getting into my ‘frightened bat’ character.

Now one must remember that Jeffy and Gracie were exploring the proverbial Bible Belt of the United States, and thus have taken some “sampler” photos so that y’all can have a taste! Enjoy, and remember not to slurp.

Yes… that is an enormous and fairly creepy statue of Jesus’ torso. But I included a mullet for good measure.


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