I’m a momma!

Vera Jean Yoder was born at 12:05 this morning on the kitchen floor. 🙂
She weighs 8 lbs 10 oz, and is 19 inches long. She has a head full of dark hair (from her daddy I’m sure) and is just amazingly beautiful. I was in labor for a LONG time. I felt irregular contractions from 4am on Saturday… so that would make it… 43 hours? I pushed for one hour.
I have much more to share of course, but I am too distracted to do a really solid entry. I do have so much to say about it all though- what a ride!

Ok, and one picture of course. There will be more, but this is all I’ve really had time for between trying to rest and stuff.

Life is so amazing!


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  1. pearlstreetdiva

    IM IN TEARS look at the beautiful bundle of joy! I was hoping to see the hair 😉

    you are so inspiring woman…

  2. publicansdecoy

    Awww. Congratulations 😀


  3. norwaygranny

    What a beautiful picture! How are you feeling? And, do you have help?
    That was a very long labor – you must feel like you were run over by a truck! Kitchen floor? Why on earth? There’s a story there! She is a beautiful baby – Congratulations!!

  4. starz3838

    She is beautiful, Grace. Congrats, Nolan has a new little friend to play with now, she is twice his size.

  5. Anonymous


    Happy Birthday, dear little Vera.

    Classic photo, btw, of baby and dad doing the same thing. I’ve got one of Obeth and Tuula that I’ll show you. Awesome!

  6. lilpeace

    Ok I tried to post a comment but it didn’t work…

    This is basically what it said:

    AWESOME SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL! Happy Birthday little sweet Vera-bean.

    And I love the classic baby/dad photo. I’ve got one of Obeth and Tuula sleeping on the couch, both with their arms up like this. ADORABLE.

    I can’t wait to come over there and kiss her little chubby cheeks!

  7. purerandomness


    Wow. How wonderful. Hope you’re enjoying every second of your brand-new baby!! 😀

  8. hanitious

    😀 Congratulations, she is so so beautiful.

  9. stupidfool

    that picture is great, and she’s BEAUTIFUL!! congratulations to you and happy birthday to her!!!

  10. nashifeet

    that picture looks like a typical james and grace picture.:) especially right after she was born. he slept and i um, well, didnt. 🙂

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! happy birthing day to you!

  11. unicorntapestry

    Congratulations my darling!!!!! I cannot wait to meet you and the lovely Vera Jean!! love love you both!

  12. pithy_epigrams

    Congratulations Grace! I think it’s really inspiring that you didn’t give into societal pressures about how to give birth, and you did it the way that made you feel happy and comfortable. She looks happy and beautiful. (I did think it was going to be a girl) I can’t wait to see more pictures!

  13. see_anotherside

    Aww, so we finally get to say hello and welcome to Vera! What a lovely little family you have made. Congratulations. 😀

  14. aud0528

    Congratulations! She is beautiful! I am so amazed with your labor story, seriously!

  15. david_anderson

    Congrats! She’s beautiful!

  16. Gracie (Post author)

    Re: Yayayayayaya from Trisa

    Hey you! I just friended you- I hope that’s cool 🙂
    I’ll tell Jeff that you are coming home and all that, he’ll be so happy to hear an update about you!
    Thanks, and hopefully you can meet her soon!


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