If I know you, you’ll come sailing through the starlight in the blue

I had my first wedding anniversary yesterday. It was a great day. We went to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, watched Jeff’s sister belly dance in a festival downtown called ‘Dancing in the Streets.’ We then went to a shnazzy restaurant that we went to last year with a gift certificate. I swear, fancy restaurants are fancy cuz they’re GOOD. I go to nice restaurants on occasion, but this was different. Let’s just say we had to budget for it. Well worth it, I’m talking melt-in-your-mouth delish.
We went from dinner and stopped to watch some fiddlers in the street (dancing of course), and this little girl was cracking us up. She must’ve been 3 or 4, she was dancing her little heart out. She actually did the robot at one point. She also did this crazy mouse dance and she could work her hips like no tot I’ve ever seen. What a doll.
Then we went to see An Inconvenient Truth. Everyone must see it if they haven’t yet.
It was amazing. Jeff and I have worked hard to create a green lifestyle for ourselves, but we can do more. It was an AMAZING movie.

This is the entrance to the botanical gardens… pretty.

love is in the air!

amazing that these colors actually occur in nature!

I loved this fountain. I think I may have to build one for myself.

Anyway. It was good. I be happy.


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