I wish i’d stop feeling so bloaty

Tonight I’m going to Chris’ house cuz Jeffy is having band practice. Somedays I don’t mind hearing the songs for the 3 billionth time, and others, well, I’d just rather get out. So we be making fajitas and watching Arrested Development (I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but i like as far as I can tell). I bought some strawberry apple rhubarb jam today… I’m excited for breakfast tomorrow.
The town photos… I think i’ll post those later, I’d rather get going I think. But here are some that I think are cute enough to make up for it.
Strrrrrretch Maya! She does this many times a day… it kills me. And the veggies? What? You don’t think veggies are cute? Oh c’mon, look at those peppers!
Well. yea. k bye.

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  1. kazzibee

    The more you watch of Arrested Dev, the more you will like it! Are you watching it from the beginning? I recently watched the first 2 series. Lots of laughs! 😀

    1. kazzibee

      cute Maya doggie!

  2. unicorntapestry

    So cute! Look at that froofy tail! aw…
    And veggies, well, veggies are veggies and I like them. So there you are.


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