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I want to be supportive

Have you ever been depressed? If so, what do you think someone close to you should do to be helpful?

I’ve been depressed before, so I know that someone can’t snap you out of it, but it was so long ago that I don’t remember what was helpful and what wasn’t as far as how people related to me. Empathy is and obvious one, but that goes for everyone in a tough situation.

Also, does anyone know of any natural remedies for depression?


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7 thoughts on “I want to be supportive

  1. I think the help you decide to give largely depends on the person. I remember during one of my own emotional “blackouts”, whenever someone would remind me of my good qualities and everything I ought to be grateful for…that always seemed to really help me out. I remember losing sight of the goodness inside of me; when I was truly depressed, I almost completely lost sight of it.
    Also, if and when you try to help them, remember that depression can be dangerously egocentric… so suggesting that the person help others/ spread kindness is also a good one. Hope they feel better!

  2. I’ve heard that St. John’s wort can be used homeopathically for depression…although I know no one who has used it so can’t give more positive feedback. Light therapy can also be helpful…and if one is in a cold and cloudy place like Michigan, going to a tanning salon for 10 mins a week or more is like sitting in the sun for an hour. I find that sunlight really helps to lift me out of depression.

    My advice to friends of the depressed: empathy, firm encouragement, avoid feeding self-pity, encourage the person to fill their day with meaningful activities (meaning is always good, and staying busy is a good distraction). I also highly recommend that depressed persons get involved in some type of service to others (volunteer at a soup kitchen, shelter, nursing home, with children, etc. depending on interest and talent). At least for me, service to others is the surest way for me to feel better about life and myself.

  3. remedies

    ok, so when friends are depressed, i think the most important thing is to be there for them. open up and offer yourself.

    oh and to backpack on lilpeaces comment, st johns wort is a good natural remedy, BUT you shouldn’t take it if you are on any kind of prescription anti-depressant (ex. SSRI’s MAOI’s etc) something about the reaction is not good. just a little pointer.

    but i agree, staying engaged or ‘busy’ is the best thing. i would highly suggest volunteering,, it can often be a boost for the self-esteem since it leaves you knowing that you’ve done ‘something good.’

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