I love rain!

Lately it’s been sooo HOT that it’s hard to not be a total grump and not want to do anything. This morning I woke up to the sound of heavy rain on my roof, and I was so happy. I got up early (about 3 hours earlier than Jeff in fact) and sat on the porch and read, went grocery shopping, made scones. Yesterday I was super productive as well. I cleaned the whole house, sans my bedroom, and felt so accomplished I nearly cried. It’s like I had mono for 8 weeks and now I can do things again. I know I keep talking about how happy I am to have energy, but really until you wake up and are still tired every day for weeks… well. I’m just going to be grateful about it until it looses it’s pizzaz.
I made delicious scones too. Cranberry pecan, basic and delicious, and Whole wheat cheese and scallion. I was a little worried the whole wheat would come out tasting like cardboard- I don’t really trust my judgment with that flour- it’s so different texturally and I just never know really… although I would love to learn. It’s way better for you, and when it’s done right it’s delicious! Well, I did a great job with it, they were flavorful and moist. I’m sure the brick of cream cheese I added helped 🙂 Although, they do need a bit of butter to make them really good.
I’m meeting with my potential midwife any minute. She’s coming to our house- she actually lives about a block away. I’m a little nervous actually, which is an interesting feeling. I really want this, so I hope that she accepts us as “clients.” I guess I’m nervous because I care so much about being able to give birth at home. I think I’ve put the profession on somewhat of a pedestal. It’s funny that it’s one of the oldest professions in the world, yet I feel so priveleged to be able to take advantage of it. I truly feel that childbirth has been stolen from women (at least in this country) and that what most of us really need is loving, safe, and careful guidance and support. I’m not saying that giving birth under the care of doctors in a hospital is a bad thing, but I do think that women need to be given choices and educated about their own abilities in this arena- which unfortunately fails to happen far too often.

We just met with her, she’s fabulous! I knew she was great already because she gave Gretchen such good care, but it was different having the ball be in my court. We are definitely going to work with her! It’s interesting that I thought before that she would choose to work with us. I mean, of course she’d choose to, but so do we. I guess I keep feeling like I am at the mercy of all these doctors and nurses- finally I met someone who approached the whole thing as a partnership. We read over all the paperwork and signed it all already.

Scones! Also, the first ripe tomatoes in the garden. I was so excited about these I could barely stand it. I have an extremely strong love for these fruits. There’s nothing like harvesting tomatoes on a warm day, with the unique sweet smell that the viney plant leaves on your skin…

Woodchuck! We caught her! We named her Annabelle. We let her go in this lovely and very large park. She was really scared, and part of me felt bad for moving her… but I also really like my garden, and she’s fine. Anyway, what a cutie, no?

I hung out with Gretchen and Tuula the other day, and man is she getting some personality. She was kinda whiny, but for some reason she was content to slowly let me lean her forward into my lap. She would just rest there, looking down at the ground. Weirdo. I love it. I love this other picture of her too. Her silly little face cracks me up sometimes.


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