I love me some friday night

So last night went well. Chris and Ashley came, there were snacks and lots of info and beer. It was nice, and I know it was a hit cuz Chris actually said we should go there again. So that’s how I know. Cuz he’s a curmudgeon.

By the way, Chris is one of my bestest greatest friends ever.

I told him I wanted to put lights on the house, so last night he brought over a shit ton of his own lights for us to use this year! Then, in the almost unbearable freezing an windy cold, he helped me put up those lights so I could revel in their beauty. And they are a beauty. I’m thoroughly enjoying them tonight. They make my whole front room GLOW…

So tonight Jeff and I planned on going to see For Your Consideration, then we thought that instead we would go to this winter festival thing, but really it turns out that the best thing is to stay home and warm 🙂 I made chicken parmesan and we rented some movies… we’re gonna watch the scary one tonight!! The Hills Have Eyes… I’ve heard it’s really crazy so I’m sure to need some cartoons or something after!

I’ve been shopping for a farm on the internet… let me tell you, this makes me so excited I could roll all around on the floor and… feel justified in doing so. I am only pretending for now, but one day! One day you’ll all see!!!!!


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  1. csgraham

    I looked that word up. NLOL.

    The picture looks good, even with your hippie Paraphernalia there in the background. Though in the large version we can see the light trail from the camera motion (it was cold so unavoidable regardless). We’ll have to get you a tri-pod for this kinda thing.

    I think blue icicle string lights would look awesome if they were strung around the inside of the roof edge, behind the other set. I dunno if I have that kind… hard to remember.
    Take another set of those lights and just run it back and forth on the mesh of the porch a lot. Ya know, be a little excessive.
    Did you get that porch light thingy?

    Thanks for the beer. It was an awesome time. Fo sho.

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Yes, we did get the porch thingy, so it all works with the flip of a switch! Viola!
      A tripod… psh. I’m sure if you stand in the picture next time, you’ll ooze curmdgeonly energy and balance everything out…

  2. unicorntapestry

    If you’re doing any rolling, it should be outside on the fresh grass. But I bet it’s too cold for that. Darn it.
    My grandfather’s a curmudgeon. So is Sam. Heart of gold curmudgeons. Gotta love ’em.


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