I’m so frustrated. Jeff and I just crunched numbers and we basically can’t afford for me to go to school. He says we’ll work something out, but I’ve already postponed school twice so that we could save money, and it’s still just not delivering. We just can’t afford it. We’re eating into our savings and I just don’t know what to do. Most days I have total faith that this stuff will work out- and that it’ll happen when it’s supposed to. Today, however, I feel hopeless and stifled. I hate that being a mother and student isn’t valued enough in this society to not wrack up loads of debt just to learn and raise my child. I know it’s more complicated than that, but in the so-called "land of opportunity" there seem to be more obstacles than pathways for me right now. I suppose it’s compacted by the fact that all my friends are back in school now. 

I’m sure I’ll post later feeling better, but for now I’m just gonna be mad. Grrr. I’ve already emailed a guy about cleaning his house a few times a month. We’ll see if I can collect odd jobs and we can make it through this.


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