I finally made it!

I saw this lovely recipe a long while ago and I’ve since been dying to make it: Farmgirl’s Savory Tomato Pesto Pie. Lemme tell you, well worth the wait! It was fabulous. Aside from the general feeling of accomplishment one gets from cooking something beautiful, oozie, and golden brown – Rose stopped by with her grody Taco Bell. She sat down with my sister and I who had our purdy pie filled plates and ate a couple of bites of her genetically modified slush and bashfully asked for some pie. HAHA! Now I am not boasting about what great cooks my sis and I are, but I’m super duper pleased that it was enticing enough to pull her away from a meth laced taco. Any recipe that can do that get’s laminated.

Tomorrow will be nice… I go to happy party with Rosie, where Jeff and band play music to lots of people. Saturday I’m going to a birthday thingy for my friend that is so busy with work and school that events like birthday/wedding/haircut (she’s a hairdresser) are the only times I get to see her. So mostly I’m just excited to spend time with her. Then Sunday I relax and have dinner with my folks.
Monday *surprise surprise* I get off of work! Columbus Day (boooo). Because Columbus was such a murdering shithead, I will stick with celebrating what my 3rd grade teacher has ironed on my brain: The World Is Not As Flat As A Pancake Day! Hooray! The traditional pancake breakfast will ensue… and we will be grateful that we won’t fall of the edge of the earth.
Thank god I didn’t burst into flames or fall off the edge of the earth today!


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