I ate the best…

Mexican food today! Yummy wummy! My boss treated me, which was really sweet. I am continually reminded of how lucky I am to work with great people in a relaxed environment. So I am certainly grateful for that.
My body is confusing me. One minute I think I know it oh-so-well, and the next it’s driving me nuts. I think it may be those last-minute adolescent hormones rushing through my body and throwing me out of whack. They aren’t as consistent as they were when I was fifteen, so they come in spurts now. BAM! SPLATTER! GUSH! WHIZZZF! ~ and I’m a sore hormonal sponge-like thing. Not that I’m complaining…
I guess I wish that I could have some kind of a remote control for time. But it would be so that I could control the speed of 2 things happening simultaniously.
For example: Work (red button)–> speed up. Wedding plans (purple button) –> slow down.
Winter (white button) –> fast forward. Winter nights with Jeff (combination orange/green button) –> slow motion.
Well. Enough wishing.
Tonight I get to see precious Becky, who I regretfully don’t get to see nearly enough. We’ll probably go order a couple hot chocolates, walk around, and talk about the usual. I’m excited. She reminds me that I am lucky to have such supportive parents. Hers are not even going to help with her wedding because she’s “living in sin”. Stupid. I’m sure my parents feel the same way, but they aren’t going to shun me because of it.
Well, that’s all for now. I will try to update more often so I don’t have to babble as much.


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