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Jeff and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Monday. No work because of Labor Day, so we lounged and walked and ate out. I love the boy, what can I say. We got all shmoozy and talked about things we’ve learned about ourselves and each other, told funny stories, and talked about the future. As much as it was a day like any other, it was a check point. We needed to look each other in the eye and talk about this stuff, feel good about it together, and celebrate our partnership and our impending parenthood. I’ve only been with him for four years but it feels like I’ve never been without him. He told me there’s no one else he’d rather have kids with and I said “good!” or something to that effect. I know what he meant though, and I have to say that it’s a priceless feeling- that safety with each other. He told me that he wasn’t a very nice guy before we were together, but I find that hard to believe. I know that everyone has their asshole moments/weeks/years, but I think our hearts have only awakening to do. We have all the equipment we need to be better people, we only need to seek it within ourselves. I guess what I’m saying is, I feel very lucky to have found someone who helps inspire and awaken my life.

My dad’s birthday is today. Us kids can’t afford to take him out or anything, so we told him that he could pick any meal he wanted and we would make it for him. On the menu: Vietnamese spring rolls, Bi Bim Bap, and pumpkin custard with whipped cream. I love my dad. I was in charge of designating jobs and organizing things… probably because I like cooking, but it’s funny because this really doesn’t take much. I’ve marinated the meat overnight, and it should be delicious. Then it’s just rice and veggies and an egg. I love that about many ethnic foods- the simplicity of the dish, the complexity of the flavors, and how classic everything tastes- like it’s been tested over many years, and has been. Gretchen and I went out to get Kimchi last night, but used it as an excuse to indulge in some serious Korean food. It’s a really good sign when you’re the only non-Korean person in the place. It makes me feel like I found a treasure.
I bought my dad a couple of tickets to see Kelly Joe Phelps with Jeff and I in October. It will be fun.

I have pictures. I do, I swear. I just… don’t want you to see them. Yes! That’s it! You can’t see them. I could show them to you if I wanted, but I don’t. I’ll post them later. yeah yeah yeah


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