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i am not superman… no siree!

Well, as much as I wanted to tackle the world in one shot, I don’t think I can do it. I had planned to work, school, and volunteer at Ozone, and move in 2.5 weeks. I just don’t have time for all of it. I have to give up one, and unfortunately the only one that can go is the volunteering. I guess they have another training in the summer, but i’m bummed anyhow. Well, take it in stride girl! I need to remember that this is my 1st semester back at school in a couple of years, and I need to focus on that a little more than I’d like to. Patience is key. i just really wanna do whatever I wanna!!!!!!

Affirmation: (drumroll please:)


Use this gift when you feel that you are not getting the love or respect you need and deserve. If you are able to show your love and respect for others, they should do the same to you. It is not egotistical to demand respect. This affirmation can empower you to tell others how you feel in an appropriate manner.


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2 thoughts on “i am not superman… no siree!

  1. well duh

    of course you ain’t no superwymn!!! gee whiz. I don’t know how anybody could do all that. I’m happy you discovered this now and made a decision rather than tried to do it all anyway. Good for you! Let’s do something…soon!

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