I am dying of lust

I’m in love. I found my complete and absolute dream house and I MUST HAVE IT. I told Jeff this and he smiled and said “Ok, call them up and offer them $98 dollars cash.” Phooey. If it can just stay on the market just for a few more months, maybe if I’m persistent…. I seriously would stay there until I was old and decrepit.

Our computer’s motherboard is all fried. Therefore, I have no pictures for you today… well, other than the one from the internet of this AMAZING house. I have some good ones too- my friend

 (aka Marya) is staying with us for the week from New Jersey. We grew up together. I love still being close with her. So, next time I post (hopefully) all will be fixed and I can show you what we’ve been up to.

Here is that beauty- on over an acre close-ish (biking distance) to town, WRAP AROUND PORCH, 2 fireplaces, oh me oh my I want I want!

Anyone wanna lend me 140,000 dollars?


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