How I love my Saturdays…

Yesterday was a big day!
It was my amazing and beautiful partner’s birthday. He’s 24! The highest number for those of you Mr.Show fans. Happy Birthday to my bestest bud.

It was also the day that I got hit by a minivan while crossing the street (legally, I might add). Total accident of course, but youch! Don’t get hit by a minivan, or any car for that matter! It hurts. It’s hard and it hurts. Also, don’t hit someone with your car. It’s a hurtful kind of thing. PAY ATTENTION.
I’m really just grateful to be alive. I slightly injured my shoulder from where she hit me, and I have a bruise on my arm. Other than that I think it’s mostly the adrenaline and shock wearing off and making me the most sore I’ve ever been in my life. I’m sure all of my muscles went into defense mode when it happened and so even the muscles around my spine and ribs hurt. I woke up this morning wimpering cuz I’m so achey and stiff. But it’s getting better now that I’m up. The doc told me to gently stretch all day. Yes sir!
I’ve been thinking about the big lesson/meaning in all of this, and I’m not sure it’s any more profound than any other day. It’s pretty much stay grateful for everything. Maybe it was to help me realize that I could die at anytime, but I don’t really think that’s a helpful thing. I thought about things like, had I been one step further she would’ve hit me dead on. That’s scary. But it’s not what happened.
I do think it’s interesting how high functioning one can be in situations like that. I was more together than the lady by far! I landed in the road, and my first thought was to look around to make sure no more cars were going to hit me. I then quickly grabbed all my stuff and made my way out of the road towards the van. She stopped half way down the block and didn’t get out of her car until I was almost there. It’s just interesting.
Mostly I just hope that she’s ok, I really can’t imagine how I would feel if that happened to me. I’ve thought about her a lot actually. I wonder if she told anyone in her life. I wonder if she’s sad that she didn’t give me her info. I hope that she doesn’t let this incident fester. I hope that she starts paying better attention. I think it’s sad, mostly because we were so stressed that I think she made some hefty mistakes. She kept saying “I didn’t see you, I didn’t see you!” to which I replied “Well I sure hope not!” or something along those lines. I just want her to know that I forgive her and that I really am ok. My dad says that I should file a report because it’s important for the police to know about stuff like this, and because for all she knew i walked half-way down the block and collapsed. I now realize that I wasn’t really able to gauge whether or not I was ok at the time, even though I thought I could. I continued on my way to work and stayed for a couple of hours until I realized that I needed to be at home and see a doctor. I don’t think she could’ve done any different, and neither could I.
What’s really messed up is that I was looking in my bag at work with Chris to see if I had everything. I hadn’t really checked until then. I reached in to find that the two apples in my bag had been obliterated. Yum apple sauce. It’s strange to think about that because I know that it was because of the van, which makes me think that she hit me pretty hard. Thank you apples? I also have marks on my fleece from the actual impact. Who knows.
Anyway. I’m laying this incident to rest. It was a good reminder, and I think that maybe this is more of a lesson for her. Chris took a picture of the apples and sent them to me. The one to the left is cracked down the middle and all mushy. Also the marks on my bag are from the hit as well. Hardcore, yes?

Anyway. Life is good. It makes me think of my mom, when she said “thank god I didn’t burst into flames today!”
Now say it with me “Thank god I didn’t get hit by a car today!”


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