Yesterday was the usual family and food deal.

No doggies this time, which was actually kind of nice because I wasn’t preoccupied at all. My sis-in-law mentioned that it was the nicest family thing we’d had in a while, which I thought was true. Usually a couple of people on Jeff’s side cause some kind of drama or tension, but this time nothing. Everyone was happy! YAY. I don’t really mind drama too much, as long as I’m not part of the problem- which I never am on his side of the family. The kids are all growing, and I know I sound like a gushy aunt but they really are bigger every time I see them! I love them all! I just can’t wait for my sister to have a baby. All of them are totally precious to me, but there’s something different about my direct relatives. Any day now!!!

April 7th:

I made Jeff a “Happy Spring” basket 🙂 The flowers are really just for me… but I did some cool stuff with the eggs and wax, and he loves all the candy. Last night we made some awesome egg salad that we ate today for lunch. Yum.

April 8th:

I have a cat-dog.

April 9th:

Today we worked, came home, then I got onto this cleaning kick for a while. Jeff wanted to take Maya for a walk, and I said I wanted to stay to get some stuff done, but J wanted me to go with them so I caved and went. We walked out and took a minute deciding which way to go. I decided I wanted to try a different direction than our normal two, and so off we went. We got about 2 blocks away, when we saw a medium sized spaniel-type dog on a leash walking towards us. Then a big, male, unleashed pit bull crossed the road and started sniffing the spaniel. Jeff and I stopped and watched for a minute, and the owner of the pit bull was saying “Oh you bad dog! Get over here! Bad dog!” The girl then picked up a stick and just poked at him. The two dogs kept sniffing and before we knew it the pit had the spaniel by the neck. The spaniel was flailing, and he got away after a second, but the pit grabbed him again by the throat. His owner was yelling for help, but the pit’s owner just stood there.
Someone ran across the street for help and Jeff looked at me and said “Pick up Maya now.” So I did. Jeff went running over there, tackled the pit and got him in a head-lock. The pit let go, and J held him on the ground until he wriggled out of his grasp. Jeff stood up, looked at the dog, and walked back to me. The owner of the spaniel had run home, they only lived a few houses down. So the owner of the pit bull just kept looking at J and I saying “I’m so sorry!” over and over. I had to tell her that if she didn’t grab her dog and take him inside I wouldn’t be able to put my dog down. I think she was in shock because she just wasn’t paying attention to basic stuff.
We took Maya home and went to the spaniel-owner’s house to ask about filing a report. Her name was Bianca, and the spaniel was named Chavez. It seemed like he was ok, but we were really scared. I swear if Jeff hadn’t gotten in there he would’ve been really hurt if not killed. The crazy thing is, I knew that someone had to do something, but the minute Jeff got in there all I could think was that the pit would grab Jeff’s throat. If J hadn’t been as eerily calm as he was I bet something bad would’ve happened.
Bianca decided to press charges, so he and I are going to go to court at some point. I’ve never had to do anything like that before, but I think she did the right thing by doing it. Unfortunately you could tell that the owners of the pit bull weren’t going to do much of anything. The dog didn’t have a collar, and the owner was just poking him with a stick to get him to come. He wasn’t fixed either, so it just seems like negligence to me. The dog should be fine, the police officer said that all that will likely happen will be fines and some surveillance to make sure that they comply with safety precautions. It happened practically in the yard of my sister’s midwife, who I know for a fact has two young children. The real issue is if this dog hurt a child, which based on what I saw, could happen any day of the week.
I’m so glad that Chavez and Jeff are ok- and hell, that the pit is ok. I think it’s so sad that there are these multitudes of pit bulls who don’t have good homes or training and end up getting put down because of bullshit like this. That dog should’ve been fixed, tagged, and on leash. The humane society won’t even give out pits unless they know that you have a fenced yard. They even make regular check ups and reserve the right to reclaim the dog if they don’t feel you are meeting their standards. I mean, that’s how common this crap is. Plus that dog could’ve broken Jeff’s neck, he was seriously sooo big and all muscle. Jeff said he now realizes how stupid he was jumping in there, but that at the time it was just instinct. I say, no use in thinking about it like that. He knew the right thing to do, he did it, he’s ok, and he saved a dog’s life. Rock the fuck on. He just won’t do that again…
We also thought how lucky we were to take a different route than usual, and that I came along. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been there to grab our pup, and Jeff wouldn’t have let her go.
Anyway, Jeff sprained his thumb we think, and got a strained muscle in his neck. He’s kinda bummed because he wrote a song for a project due tomorrow, and he was going to play it for the class. He might not be able to play with a fucked up hand. Anyway, he recorded it this weekend and it’s really great. It’s all him, and he plays guitar, bass, mando, and sings melody and harmony. A regular Bobby McFerrin.

Well, I had planned to get stuff done, but now I’m just gonna relax with a glass of wine, a movie, and my fluffy-Maya-monster.

I tell you, everyday has a reason to be grateful, whether you see it or not.

That’s right. And mean it!


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