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Here’s an interesting dilemma…

So tonight I’m going to hang out with a friend that I know from school. Mainly I know her through her boyfriend. We used to be really tight. Anyhoo, we’re gonna color eggs for Sunday. I don’t really celebrate Easter anymore, but the eggs never get old.
The dilemma? Well, I’ve hung out with her several times now, and it’s always fun. But she likes to feed me, which is not bad, but I’ve gone grocery shopping with her and she gets all of her meats and dairy from Save-A-Lot… for example.
I don’t want to sound snobby. That’s not where this is coming from. Some of you know me very well, and you know that I don’t care about whether or not something is “cheap”. Heck, I can’t bring myself to buy a new pair of shoes without first checking out all the thrift stores for functional used ones. It’s just food. I haven’t really been faced with something like this before. I have been fairly successful in educating myself and others about the dangers of food in this country without offending anyone. But this girl doesn’t really care all that much. She’ll eat anything that fits her budget. I am almost phobic at this point. Meat from Save-A-Lot? I can’t do it. But I will. Because it’s just one of those situations that being a good guest is more important. How bizarre!!!
I could never say “Sorry A, this food is really bad for my health so I’m gonna pass! It’s the thought that counts!”
The other thing is that she cooks “healthy” meals for us too. We had stir-fry the other day. It was delicious. But all I could think was: am I going to have deformed children or get cancer because I’m eating all of this tampered food?
Well. that’s all for now. I’ll let you all know how it went. Eeek! I wish this world was good enough to know that the food we eat is safe and nourishing rather than harmful. At least I get to snuggle with my honey afterwards.


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4 thoughts on “Here’s an interesting dilemma…

  1. Something I’ve learned about visiting people, when my diet plan doesn’t match their’s- Pack something. Just a small meal, and eat that. If they ask why, just explain that you have certain dietary needs. My friend Honour actually has brought food into restaraunts and had them cook her food, explaining food allergies (because technically we are ‘allergic’ to bad chemicals).
    Good luck.

    1. Thanks!

      That is a very gracious way to put it. “I have certain dietary needs”. Thanks for that. I think that will really work for some situations!

  2. there is the dilemna of sticking to principle vs. being a rude guest. I figure, being a good guest is important, and sticking to your values is important as well. If one of your values is being gracious to your host, then eating some icky stuff once in awhile is probably ok.

    You could always propose an alternative–maybe offer to bring the main dish, or bring stuff to “contribute” and help cook…

    1. YES!!!

      You’re so smart, sister! I think it is ok to accept her generosity and see it as just that. Heck. This life is more about how you relate to people anyhow.

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