Haven’t updated in a while…

I guess it’s just nice outside. Lots going on in my head though.

We’re planting next weekend, or maybe even some on Sunday. Our soil is getting delivered on Saturday, so really that’s all we’re waiting for. Basically what that means for you is lots of pictures of vegetables lie ahead. SO BE PREPARED.

I made my own facial exfoliant last night and today my face feels sooo soft. All it is is olive oil, honey, baking soda, and sugar. It’s also a recipe for love cuz you can have someone lick it off your face if you’re feeling extra saucy. Just kidding. Anyway, it worked.

Blah blah blah. Sorry, thought I had more to say. Maybe later.

Here’s something. Jeff works as a parking attendant for the structures and lots downtown. He’s in a union, and so we get really good benefits even if he doesn’t work full time, etc. He also has some protection as far as firing, etc. The company he works for has recently been putting in “pay machines” right next to the booth. Most people were worried because we thought that this might put the booth worker’s jobs at risk. They were told over and over again that these machines are not meant to replace anyone, that they are only there to help with rushes, etc. Besides, how can a machine let an employee out for free, or see that you have validation stamps? Jeff just called me and said that basically people have been walking off the job because their booths will be so busy that they can’t handle it anymore. There will be 2 booths for a big lot, and only one will have an attendant. They’ve been asking and asking for help, but they wont get any. This one guy in particular worked this booth for ELEVEN years, and was so neglected that he just walked off the job yesterday with a line of people waiting there in their cars. So these people walk off, and then the company decides NOT to replace them. So no, they aren’t firing anyone, but they’re keeping people from moving to a better shift, keeping people from being hired, etc. It’s really shitty of them. I wonder if J should look for something else…


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