I grappled with what to write about, since so much has been happening around here. I think the general update will have to wait for tomorrow night, though. Tonight is supposed to get down to 30 degrees, and so we had to harvest like crazy. All the green tomatoes, all squash, all peppers and beans.

The garden I put in out at the land was mostly toast. But some squash and tomatoes survived. I'm really pleased, actually. I've never had enough space for squash like this. Harvesting was bittersweet. After the hottest summer I can remember, an early frost? Bah, a lesson in just taking things as they come and making the best of it.

This was the final harvest out at the land- spaghetti, acorn, hubbard, delicata, red kuri, ronde de nice, long island cheese, and sweet meat squash. Lots of green paste tomatoes.

My favorite fall decoration, besides wax paper leaves in the windows, is definitely green tomatoes ripening on my windowsills. I love them I love them. They are the final burst of juicy summer, lasting into the cold fall. I eat my last fresh tomato by the beginning of November. 

Lots of peppers this year. We planted half as many and got twice as much. See two-year-old for scale. 😉

The amazing amount of green tomatoes to be ripened and processed. 

Blessings in all of it. I worked hard today- 5 hours spent clearing out bed after bed (and these beds are 25×3) at my farm job. Then I went straight to the land to get all that squash, and then home to make dinner and watch all the kids so Bri could go to work for a couple of hours. Jeff harvested the last of our tomatoes and beans since I'd been doing it all day. I am already sore from all the activity. But I had a moment today on the land, going on 6 hours of physical work. I was so grateful for all of it. I looked at my hands, turned a strange yellowy brown from all the tomato vines and dirt. I felt strong, accomplished, healthy. I felt like this food had been well earned, and like I had respect for it. It felt complete and simple. This work is work, but it's not drudgery. It's joyful. And then I got to strap a sweet squishy baby on my back and make a delicious Thai soup with all our veggies and homemade stock and goodness.

At the end of the day, we all gather together to eat and share, to say thanks, to enjoy the ones we love. I don't know that I could ask for more.


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