Happy (belated) Solstice!

Trying to live each day more in the moment. Lately I’ve been very susceptible to drowning in a deluge of to-do lists and swirling thoughts… Rather than paddle away aimlessly in a sea of confusion, I’ve been working to take the Zen approach. More specifically, I’ve been thinking "Chop wood, carry water." This simple saying is written at the top of my window message board, and it calms me considerably. It’s all about just doing the next thing. Keep moving, keep it simple, stay present. 

Usually that lands me firmly on dry land, often in sweet admiration of my two littles playing peacefully beside me. I am blessed.


I need to find more time to craft and write. Gardening definitely uses my creative energy, but I need variety. I have some t-shirts that I love, but they are too big and only really work as night shirts. But, some are just too good for that, so I’ve been working on giving them new life with the help of my trusty sewing machine. Here, a durable and spacious new bag was born… 

This video is so full of awesome, I really think you should take the time to watch it. Jeff and I were fairly sure we wanted to go the unschooling route with the kids, but now I think we are resolved and are taking that approach for ourselves as well. Thinking about the whole concept more over the past couple of weeks… well, let’s just say it’s been extremely validating. 

Speaking of school, I just found out my student loans are three months away from being paid off. This makes me happy.

See how my garden grows? Soon it will be such a jungle. I can’t wait.


Mystery plant is a blackberry, me thinks. Exciting to have the prospect of so many berries coming from my own yard.

Cabbage is such a hearty and majestic plant, in my opinion.

I’m grateful for all the volunteer arugula plants everywhere. Here’s some in the walkways.

Scapes galore!

Potato madness. Still hilling them up with straw, in the hopes that this straw-mulch method will give us a big return. We’ll see!

Beans are filling in.

Tomatoes. We still need to finish our trellises for them.

Pretty weeds. I just don’t mind weeds that much. Things just grow a bit wild around here. I mean, I do pull things here and there, but usually just to give to the chickens. 

Cherries. Yum!

The asparagus patch is just doing nothing. So I’m tearing it out (for now) and repurposing the pavers to border the berry patch. Oh, how many times I’ve moved these pavers… Hopefully they will find their final resting spot soon.

Yesterday we celebrated the summer solstice down by our great river with a few friends. It was simple and lovely. We had a few little rituals that my sister organized. I loved it. We each said something that we wished for, and then also something we wished to let go of. We made goddess eyes with sticks and yarn. We enjoyed the sun (and the rain- it poured for the first little while, but then brightened right up). Below is my sweet niece Tuula, in what I think is the perfect summer solstice picture. Also pictured: Asa in a perfect baby power squat.  
Good things. Happy Summer to you all!

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