Gratitude Friday

I almost forgot to share my gratitudes on this special Friday. The day has been busy with work- we’re preparing to have my sister and her two kids come and stay with us for a couple of months. They’ll be here tomorrow night, and so we’ve been rifling through closets, moving things around, and picking out lots of things to give away. It’s good. Very cleansing. But, as the night draws to a close I’m happy to sit here and reflect on the past year. I’m grateful for so much- more than I could say. But, I thought I’d pick out the highlights.

-For my healthy baby son. My sweet Asa, who is wonderful and funny and new. Who I can’t imagine life without, even though I’ve only known him a few months. I’m grateful for his uncomplicated birth, for the challenging infant period that teaches me so much, for his sweet pudgy baby legs and his awesome laugh… everything.
-For my daughter, who is a fabulously spunky and special little girl. She’s smart and funny and sweet, a wonderfully loving big sister, and just a person I’m so glad to know. 
-For my partner, who made me laugh for a good 15 minutes before sitting down to write this. For how easy it is to love him, and to be loved by him. For how safe I feel, and how much he is truly my family. For getting to watch him be a father, and how awesome that is. 
-For our sweet Maya, who just turned five! And also for our chickens. It’s such a good thing for me to share my space with non-humans and to think about them as part of our family.
-For the rest of our (human) families, who continue to support us and challenge us, and who I can’t imagine being away from. Each and every person is so precious and valuable to me.
-For my wonderful friends. So different and interesting- all of whom have helped me to grow this year.
-For this house, keeping us safe and warm, who’s walls are soon going to be holding 8 people together. That’s a beautiful thing, and I feel so blessed to have this space to share. 
-For the land that this house sits on, which has nourished all of us and brought me closer to the land.
-For Jeff’s new job.
-For my new job.
-For this journal, which keeps me writing and sharing in a way that’s hard to do otherwise. I really appreciate this space and the support you all have shown me. I also appreciate those spaces that you all keep- I learn so much and am often so inspired by you all.
-For my health, my emotional well-being, my continued spiritual growth, and my sense of peace and happiness as this year comes to a close.


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