Gratitude Friday

I’m grateful for little reminders that spring is on its way.

For silly girls…

… and for the evidence of childhood all around me.

For my good guy, who makes me swoon when he’s not looking- especially when he’s just being a dad. (That’s his "Mr. McGregor" costume, for those who are wondering.)

I’m grateful for seeds, and their ability to awe and inspire me. I mean, seriously, have you ever seen a carrot seed? How the? It’s just amazing, this whole life thing.

Grateful for the design of life- how it cares for us without us even thinking… Like, this amazing article I read the other day. All of a sudden, shining a light on the incredible urge I have to nibble on the back of this neck, and just breathe in his milky sweet breath. I protect him.

Grateful for the sunshine today… soaking it right up.

For the beautiful eggs we get every day.

For my super fun new toy… (more to come on this)

What can I say? I’m in a grateful kind of mood today. What are you grateful for today?


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