Gratitude Friday

You know, one of my favorite things about being a parent is the occasional quiet moments that enable us to see something through their young eyes. Like, when I walk by the playroom and hear Vera humming herself a little song, or I find a few toys in a sweet little set up. Lately I’ve been finding many stuffed animals and toys that she’s put to bed all over the house, using napkins as blankets, or something was propped in the high chair, etc. I got a kick out of it, and so I started taking pictures. They make me smile, and I thought they might make you smile too.

This is in Asa’s bouncy chair thing…

Jeff prints out these various paper dolls for V. Here she’s put them to bed under a placemat.

Her big sister doll is still very much in use! Although she usually tosses the outfit off, the little nudist that she is.

Asa’s shoes on a baby.

Monkey in a diaper.

While I was at class my sister gave the girls their own little wraps for their babies. They are such sweet little mamas!

Oh! That sass!

Vera has decided she wants her bangs to grow out really long like Tuula’s, and yet she won’t wear a barrette for more than a minute. She says she can see just fine… I love that kid.

Seeing him like this makes me all swoony. Nothing better than a sleeping babe in a wrap on Papa’s back. Uuuh I love them.

My sweet sleeping babe. 

Other things:

I’m grateful for my new job and all the wonderful people I’m meeting in the process. I’m excited to order seeds and supplies and just get going. I love what I’m doing.

For my own garden and yard and all the fun new plans Jeff and I are dreaming up. January and February would be so cold and gray without our never ending plans filled with green and food and fun.

For my class and how much I am actually learning. It’s helping to glue together all the pieces of information that I had before just from my own research, and I’m gaining confidence and new resources and it’s just… so fun for me. I love dirt and plants and microbes and fungi and roots and the incredible gift of this earth and our lives…

I’m grateful for a little time to exercise this afternoon right after I post this. Heart pumping burning goodness. I am alive.

Yep, I’m grateful today. What are you grateful for?


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