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I got another letter from the meany heads saying that I had to pay. So I call. Then the man says “Oh is this Grace?” haha. So I verified it was me and he said he’s sorry about the letter, it was generated and sent out by the “system” and that I should disregard it- they received my proof (the fax of my bank statement)- I’m all paid up! He said I should get a letter confirming it in 5-7 days, and that I should have a wonderful day. He actually said “Have a wonderful day, sweetie.” He called me sweetie. That means I’m sweet…
It’s over. I am free at last!

I have a presentation tomorrow. For those of you that know of my crippling fear in this arena, a little good-energy prayer sent my way would be appreciated. I think I’m actually going to get better in this area. There is a girl in my class who did hers on Thursday, and I’m sure that she’s as afraid as I am about these things. She told me that she’s the a fourth year student who can’t finish because she can’t bring herself to take speech. I COMPLETELY relate. She looked like she was going to cry. I’m thinking of asking her to get together.
I just realized- It’s funny how I would honestly rather have a heart attack or get in a car accident than deliver a speech, yet I have no fear in approaching strangers in pursuit of a more actualized and spiritually fulfilled existence. Just further proof that it is, indeed, ALL MENTAL!!!!

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  1. csgraham

    I wish I had a house so I could build a garden like that.

    Did you tell him about your other horrible experience? You should have! Gotten a name of someone you can get a hold of in the future or something. I’m glad you got to dfeal with a good person though… sweetie. He must not have known you.

  2. kazzibee


    Although I did give some people some training. But it was ok… they had no preconceptions about me and seemed to respond well. I’m not sure what preconceptions I’m talking about, but um, let’s say they had a preconception that I was a big stupidy head with absolutly NO IDEA what I was talking about and that I had a messy bedroom…… oh haha that would make them psychic. haha.

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Those preconceptions are the worst kind! I was thinking that my class would think that I am a stupidy head with no brain and nothing interesting to say. And they would throw little bits of paper at my head and yell “SCORE!” everytime it hit. No just kidding. Although it would be a good shot.


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