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I got another letter from the meany heads saying that I had to pay. So I call. Then the man says “Oh is this Grace?” haha. So I verified it was me and he said he’s sorry about the letter, it was generated and sent out by the “system” and that I should disregard it- they received my proof (the fax of my bank statement)- I’m all paid up! He said I should get a letter confirming it in 5-7 days, and that I should have a wonderful day. He actually said “Have a wonderful day, sweetie.” He called me sweetie. That means I’m sweet…
It’s over. I am free at last!

I have a presentation tomorrow. For those of you that know of my crippling fear in this arena, a little good-energy prayer sent my way would be appreciated. I think I’m actually going to get better in this area. There is a girl in my class who did hers on Thursday, and I’m sure that she’s as afraid as I am about these things. She told me that she’s the a fourth year student who can’t finish because she can’t bring herself to take speech. I COMPLETELY relate. She looked like she was going to cry. I’m thinking of asking her to get together.
I just realized- It’s funny how I would honestly rather have a heart attack or get in a car accident than deliver a speech, yet I have no fear in approaching strangers in pursuit of a more actualized and spiritually fulfilled existence. Just further proof that it is, indeed, ALL MENTAL!!!!

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