Girlyman makes me feel allllllright!

So yeah, time for that updating-about-life thingy.

I finished my class, and it went oh-so-smoothly…. A’s on everything πŸ™‚ Makes me happy, especially considering I was a royal failure in highschool. Well, not entirely. I just didn’t learn in class. So yeah, it’s nice to know that I can flourish in college- probably cuz it’s on MY terms and I now know that my education is in my hands. However, lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the fact that it’s sort of bullshit that I HAVE to get a college degree in order to do what I want. What’s equally annoying is the fact that the only way I’m going to become a good social worker is to work… socially. ha. Classrooms teach you guidelines, not about the real people who need service. But, I’m doin it anyway. Besides, see how I get when I get good grades? I think I need more of that considering I missed in all in highschool.

I have concert fever. I’m quitting smoking this weekend, so I’ve been thinking of rewards I can give myself with the $$ I save. I think I’ll go to at least one concert at the Ark a month. They’re cheap and sooooooooo good. Nothin like a good dose of folky sunshine.
Today was nice too. We (well, Jeff really) built a pen for Maya to play in while we’re at work. Now that it’s nice out it just makes sense. She prefers to be outside anyway.

So, recently I experienced a significant loss in my life. I was sad for a while, and I was feeling like I didn’t deserve to be happy. As cliche as it sounds, that’s really how I felt. I even started to watch Lifetime (otherwise known as the self-pity channel) and mope around my house with greasy hair and a permafrown. Then I made myself take a shower and go out. Okay, back on track, I realized many things during this brief, but powerful, low period. Now I feel like I can better accept the things that I have no control of. I feel like I can give these things up to the sky and move on with my life. I feel like the things that make us really mourn increase our capacity for love and gratitude. I remember the moment that I came out of the funk, and I looked at Jeff and my sweet puppy and thought “wow, this is a serious and amazing life, and I am so happy that I can be here.” So ya. Yay for everything. Both good and bad.
And now I’m here, I’m gonna hang out with my lover and watch some Dead Like Me.
Life is good, even when it’s not.

Jeff said write these exact words:
Sup dudes, dis be Jeff – aka da hubby. Suckas.

So okay, I married a strange man. But hey, we’ve got lots of time before we grow up. So there. Suckas.


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