Gah, photos and that’s all!

I just have to get out some 365… then bed!

March 6th:

I was having a “Is this destined to be the shrine of our lives?” moment… screw it yo.

March 7th:

It’s that soup place that i worship.

March 8th:

Jeff made cushions for the chair. I think it’s sooo cute, it reminds me of PeeWee’s Playhouse or something. Like he could just talk to us 🙂 Fini! A real junk-to-art piece. Props to the boy.

March 9th:

Today was the first day of spring (weather wise). It was wonderful. I must’ve walked for four hours today. This is the mansion near depot town on my way home from the food co-op. According to “legend” there was a man who made his millions by developing this little stamp given out at department stores that could be used to redeem prizes and such. The department stores would sponsor him, etc, and he became really stinkin’ rich. Unfortunately he was a sad grump and never was really able to connect with anyone. He lived in the biggest place in town but lost his wife, family, and friends. Simple story, but i like it. It reminds me to stay… you guessed it… grateful for my little love-filled spot on this Earth.

G’night folks.


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