Forgive me…

But this will be a WHOPPER of a post.

Here goes…

June 15th:
Traveling up to the Leelanau penninsula. Jeff REFUSED to take the car-top carrier and so the car was ridiculously packed. Maya looks worse than she actually was, I promise.

June 16th:
The wedding was lovely. I loved watching these little boys run around in their little suits. Mini gentlemen.

June 17th:
Our first night at the campsite. It was pretty quiet at these grounds, and we were the only ones on our loop. Very peaceful. But almost too peaceful.

June 18th:

Our first night I packed up all the dry food in our picnic basket, and weighted it down with a bunch of crap. Then late at night we hear grunting and rustling through the food until everything topples over with a big crash. Jeff and I laid there silently, occasionally whispering… “Did you hear that?!?” We should be seasoned campers by now, but no. Just at daybreak he and I carefully peel the door of the tent just so we can peek out and what do we see? Raccoons. Eating everything. Feasting all night because J and I didn’t have the guts to scare them when it was dark out. We are such rookies. Next time. Needless to say- we left everything in the car (like we should’ve before) for the rest of the trip.

June 19th:
I love scrabble.

June 20th:
We moved to a beach site in the middle of the trip. It meant we had to leave a couple of days early, but we didn’t mind. We could hear the water lapping up on the sand. It was tre-romantique.

June 21st:
Headed home.

June 22nd:
My book came! I’m sure I will have lots to write on it when I finish.

June 23rd:
As soon as we got home Jeff made the awning that we’ve been wanting for a while. It’s not a very good picture of it, but it’s the only one I managed for the day. He should be proud, it’s really great.

June 24th:

June 25th:
Maya wants my cookie. But Maya will not get the cookie.

June 26th:
I love rat hands. They’re so… dainty.
  a close up –>

June 27th:

June 28th:

June 29th:

June 30th:
Jeff’s first time holding Tuula. He didn’t have much of an interest before, but when he did it was SOOO cute. I love this photo because it reminds me of old photos that my folks have. I can just picture Tuula looking at them when she’s older, wondering how she could’ve been so small and laughing at how skinny and young Uncle Jeff was. Yay.

July 1st:
We had a doggy playdate. This dog is sooo gentle with my friend’s puppies. Except for when he accidentally steps on them.

July 2nd:

July 3rd:
Can you believe the siz of this radish? It’s like a small potato! I seriously picked it and thought, “wow, I wonder how this lone potato got in the bed.”

Anyway. There, I did it. I feel cleansed.
 I can update more frequently now that the chains are broken.


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