Farmer’s Market #1

Our first farmer's market was a success. It was not as busy as I expect it will be in the coming weeks, and even so we got loads of positive feedback and we certainly broke even. It was really fun- socializing and talking about what we do. My friend and I are sharing a booth, so we got to sit and hang out and share the load. It was great. 

We brought the kids along. I think it's important for them to be a part of the whole process. I do think we'll have to employ some strategy to keep them occupied, and perhaps keep them home for part of the time or something. We'll see. They were pretty good considering.

The booth. Our logo is hanging there on the left. We have to finish it up and make some signs, but I'm pretty happy with it. I designed the whole thing and did the art for it, and that was really fun. I haven't had time to make art in ages, but when I sat down to do this stuff it felt pretty easy. Got me wanting to really sit down at my art table more often. I like to create. Anyway, I'll show you a close up of the logo when it's really finished.

Microgreens. These are the bulk of our sales right now, since we don't have much in the way of veggies just yet. But they are a hit! My friend and I are collaborating on this part, so it's not taking up all our respective spaces. Plus it's just so much fun to partner up! Also, the produce manager at the co-op approached us and so it looks like we'll be supplying them in the near future. Woohoo!

I made these fun plant labels for sale. Not my idea, you can google "spoon plant label" or something and see a bunch of them, but I thought it was unique and fun enough that I wanted to try my hand at them. Now my mind is swimming with ideas for plant labels, though. It could become quite the hobby for me.

Baby had a good nap at market, which was good. I was afraid he'd stay up with all the excitement.

All in all it was a success. I'm a happy girl.


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