Experimentation is healthy, and tasty too!

I took a risk and decided to make up a recipe… for a baked thing! I usually don’t get all that creative with baking (especially sweets) because it scares me a bit. Heat is added, and magic happens, and I just like to trust others on it- aside from the adding of a little zest here and some nuts there… but today I decided to stay in and have some “me” time. So I made two tarts. A basic pastry dough with just flour, sugar, salt, butter, and water. But for the filling- I sliced both red and green apples, almonds, a little rosemary and thyme, an onion, and a little flour and sugar. I know what you’re thinking, “An ONION?!” Yes, an onion.
My mom made us this apple and onion dish occasionally, and it’s phenominal. You would never think that they would go together, but they are fabulous. Hers was a more savory dish, usually beside some meat or something, but I’m going for the other side of the spectrum. So I hope that this will work. It’s smelling great.
I made a maple cinnamon yogurt topping for it too.
Perhaps I am a little too adventurous… we will soon see. I just am so fascinated by contrasting flavors and textures- discovering spices that bring out the best flavor when paired with something totally unexpected. Is fun, no?
Here it is:
IT IS A SUCCESS! Yummy yum yum. Good good. I will write it down immediately.
Jeff ate his piece in about a minute. And scraped the plate. I am very pleased.


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