Ok, my baby has just discovered that she has a rockin set of lungs and a pair of vocal chords to go with it! She will get in these squealing moods that you can mostly ignore, but occasionally I have to look down in amazement at the sheer power of that little voice. It’s mildly annoying when I’m trying to have a conversation, but mostly adorable. I love that she’s discovering all her powers. Just in the past week or so she’s gotten so much personality. I mean, I’m sure it was there all along, but sometimes it comes out just like those poppies in the back yard… BAM! It’s as if she’s saying “Hey mom, betcha didn’t know I could do… THIS!” and then I am amazed and astounded at the miracle of life. Like, every day. It could be worse.

May 20th:
She’s really way more active with her hands now. She grabs things all the time, sucks on her fists and fingers, it’s great. I’m gonna set up one of those on the floor gym things so she can lay on her back and look up and grab stuff.

May 21st:
Cool plants from the farmer’s market yesterday.

May 22nd:
Columbine in the flower bed out back. Purdy.

Anyway, I’ve got much more work to do while the weather is nice out.


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