Yesterday I attempted to do all sorts of organizing in one area of the house- and then got distracted with other areas and organized those instead. At least I did a bunch of stuff, but it doesn’t give me the satisfaction of putting a big black line through the tasks on my list. I’m still proud of myself. I feel very motivated, and I’ve lately been able to juggle work and relaxation without getting too sucked into one (usually the relaxation).

Last night, for date night, I decided to throw together a gourmet dinner for Jeff and I. I don’t really know what constitutes as “gourmet”, but I think it just will be because I say it is. Plus made it pretty.
On the menu:

Pear, walnut, and gorgonzola salad with mustard vinagrette,

Crispy lemon chicken over whole wheat pasta with a lemon butter sauce,
Sauteed squash and onions

Apple, pear, and cherry crumble w/ ice cream

All very in-season which is lovely… soon I’ll be making pumpkin stuff!!! I can’t wait. I think this stuff is so fun! I love food. I LOVE IT.

Prego update: All is very well! I feel it moving all the time! Not everyday yet, but probably most days… flutter flutter. So that has been cool. It’s like over six inches long from head to rump. Isn’t that amazing? I can’t get over the fact that I’m growing a human. I love to grow things. Almost everything is amazing. My hip however is not amazing. Sometimes it gets really painful and I don’t know how to stretch it out. I hate to think that I might have trouble with it when I’m carrying more weight. Jeff is a doll, and his mom is a physical therapist, so he’s been laying me down and moving it around in all sorts of ways, and generally it hurts in a really desirable way when he does that. He did that to my shoulder when I got hit by the car, and I was amazed at how it healed!

Today we’re going to a pig roast at an old folk’s home. Jeff’s grandma has been calling us probably every other day or so to remind us and make sure that she wrote us down as being there. She’s so awesome. Jeff only has one living grandparent, but she would probably be my favorite even if she wasn’t. We go to visit her every few months or so, and it’s almost impossible to leave. We’ll be standing in the doorway talking for another hour! She paints, she’s funny, she’s a badass at bridge (or so I hear… I hear she gives the guys a run for their money), and she’s pretty much the best. I’m really happy I inherited a great new family. Anyway, this picnic thing has got her all excited, and I think it’s gonna be great. Plus I haven’t seen most of my relatives on that side since before I got a bump, so I think it will be fun.

Morning glories lately have been sublime.
I get up very early these days… and I love it. That seems to be a side effect of baby growing for me- I have practically lost the ability to sleep in. It’s not bad though, I don’t wake wishing for more sleep.

Did you know that eggplant grows like a purple raindrop? I wonder why they call it eggplant at all. They should call it a purple raindrop. I can’t see any similarity to egg at all.


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