Death and other aspects of life…

My great aunt Clara Bell died on Christmas Eve this year. She was 90. She passed away in her sleep. I am going to her funeral on Thursday, and as bad as it may sound- I am mourning the 44,000 that died in Asia more than I am mourning her. I guess with her it’s like, of course, sooner or later… But with this tragedy? I didn’t know anyone, but it’s almost as if I can feel the sadness and grief continents away.
I guess that there is not much of a difference in her passing than there is with anyone elses. But I can’t seem to shake the sadness from all of these people. I can’t imagine how it is there right now. ouch.
Well, I think I understand my own fears about death. It’s the only part of my life that I can’t experience while I am alive. I don’t know why, or when, or how, but I am no exception and niether are all these people or my great aunt. One day, it’s just over. Or beginning, no way to know really. I guess I would offer up a prayer for those still living and struggling to understand something that they can’t possibly now. i suppose that all we can do is focus on those still around. God bless you all.


Use this gift when passions flare or strong feelings threaten to overwhelm logic and practicality. Experience emotions honestly as they arise; do not suppress them. Negative emotions will subside over time in light of reason and compassion for yourself and others. What you are passionate about can show you ways to change your life.

Have a good day everyone, and be grateful for the things you have in your life that you can grasp and deal with. Many are not so lucky today, and all that used to matter and consume their thoughts are obsolete and meaningless now. Remember that when you are dealing with whatever hastle or grief you have today.


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