Day 3.

I spaced on a birthday post for my sweet Asa James. He turned four at the end of July. Four! I can hardly believe my little is so big. That's how these things go, I suppose. I do think about his birth each year. Usually I look at the clock the day before and think about what my labor was like at that moment. My amazement has yet to cease when I think about the births of my children. I still look at them and wonder at how I got lucky enough to carry them within my body. Magic.

Anyway, I did managed to get a good photo session in with him that day.

Asa James. Silly. Brave. Funny. Sweet. Every morning he crawls into bed with me and gently touches my face, tells me he loves me and says I'm the warmest. We have a special bond.

Lately he's been memorizing songs. He'll hear something on the radio and insist that I look it up on the internet. We find the song info and then he'll listen to it intently, absorbing the song like a sponge. He'll listen to it a time or two more and then he'll have it. He's got a bit of a repertoire now, and it's not cutesy songs about sheep. The most recent song he'll beg me for (and sing almost every word of) is this one. We even discussed the lyrics recently. He was very interested in what was going on in this guy's head when he wrote those words. Sweet kid.

I really love this kid. He and I laugh a lot. I can joke with him in a way that makes him kind of lose it, in the best way. He's got a great imagination. He adores his sister. He's a bit of a con-artist, which I appreciate in a "it's a sign of his intelligence" kind of way. We're working on honesty. He's a lot like Jeff in really unique ways. We often give each other side glances and say something like "Yup, that's Jeff's kid, karma's a b…" but it actually makes me love them both even more.

So grateful to be his mama. <3


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