Day 2.

We had a really full day today and I was just about to sink mindlessly into the evening when I remembered my commitment here. Day two, here we are.

I thought I would do a quick microgreen/farm update, since we harvested and did our deliveries this morning and I snapped this picture. Things are going pretty well, although we're in this strange holding place where we can't really grow the business or build the greenhouse we so desperately need for them since we're in transition. Although, we actually managed to move the entire operation to our new site fairly seamlessly, and while we've had some issues with the strange weather and some pest issues, overall our methods seem stable and our routine is good. I even had the good fortune of meeting a new and interested friend who is learning the ropes, which actually enabled us to leave town for a whole week without stopping things. So great. Eventually I hope we'll form a good partnership when we are on the land and can gain a little more momentum.

For as much as I want to expand the business and just get down on this farming, I know that right now this holding is so important for us. Soon enough we'll be in it. Right now? Now we get to just prepare and steady ourselves. Purposeful stuff, really, although I do have a tendency to get restless. We've been out of our house for two weeks and already I've been getting the itch to just go camp in our woods and rough it. Who needs plumbing? I just want to do this thing! Jeff just kind of gently reassures me that we're on our way and that we can just take this time to relax. Funny thing considering that I am usually the more relaxed one in the relationship and he's often the one tapping his foot anxiously. We're hardly stagnant, though. It feels like it's just paperwork that stands between me and the life that I want. Anyway, while I vision and dream and wait for my move, I am grateful to have these micros. They are the place holder in my business. They continue to teach me about the importance of consistency and endurance. When everything else washed away and there was no more farm to speak of, these little guys were still sprouting and thriving, promising me some kind of future in this.

What's really great is that I'm so close to making a lot of my plans a reality. Things like… ducks, chickens, rabbits, and goats. Earth-bermed animal shelters. Cob ovens. A growing house for mushroom cultivation. Worm farm. Humanure system. Water catchment. Rocket stoves. I could go on for miles. I just can't wait to play. For now, though, I have to focus on planning. Thankfully Jeff's dad has lots of old books from the 70's all about these things, not to mention all that I can gather from the internet, so now is the time to study and prioritize. 


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