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Crunch time for… EVERYTHING!

Sometimes I just feel like there’s a million and a half things to do before things are okay. Like I’ve unintentionally gone and found myself on a tightrope and the only thing I can think about is getting to safety. I don’t know. Sometimes this feeling can be thrilling, I can feel efficient and alert, but other times I just feel like I should just fall. Today is a good one of those days… Thankfully.
Final tonight, wish me luck!
Other than that, I will leave you all with a daily affirmation from the “Gifts of the Goddess”:
Use this gift when you believe you life has spun out of your control. The root of most problems is poor decision making. Take responsibility for your present situation. It is the result of your past decisions. You can get where you want to be by making better decisions. Using an oracle can help you develop your decision-making ability.

That’s funny. They’re always weirdly appropriate. I’m not sure about the oracle piece, but hey, take it as you will.


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1 thought on “Crunch time for… EVERYTHING!

  1. i feel ya

    yeah, i feel that stuff too! hello list-obsessives!!! but at the end of the day what it really means is that you’re involved and aware in your own life. there’s lots to remember and focus on and the average joe just deosn’t do it all. not that we should do it all, but at least we’re trying!!!

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