No, nothing pregnancy related- although I did scratch that kimchi itch last week, and it was SO GOOD. I even saved the liquid from the containers and threw it in a hot & sour-style soup. YUM.

Anyway, I’m having distinct spiritual cravings. I crave simplicity. I crave authenticity. I crave connection. I crave clarity. I crave honesty. I crave courage. I crave deeper love and commitment. I have always wanted these things, but lately I find I want them in a new way. It’s hard to explain, really, but it’s a good thing, definitely. These are blessings, motivations, signals- to help me on the path that lay ahead. Anyway, it’s affecting my vision of my life, that’s for sure. The most obvious way lately is my motivation to purge and simplify things (mostly meaning all that extraneous STUFF in our life). Perhaps it’s just part of the nesting process- but I’ve purged, and purged some more, and yet there is still more to do. The other way this is affecting my vision is on the flip side. Totally mundane things seem to shine, now.

I look around, and I see…


TOO MUCH. I only want enough. Too much stuff is cluttering up our house and my brain. Also, the more I purge, the easier it is for me to see what I don’t need. I can’t say that I miss anything I’ve given up so far, even if I felt some doubt at the time. Every purging session opens me up a little more to the possibility of less, and it’s really refreshing. Today, I’ll be passing on some books, some clothes, some knick-knacks, and some toys. I’m also going to mercilessly sort our paperwork, which I anticipate will be extremely satisfying.
You know, in the money department, we have found that the less we have the less we need- oddly enough. I stopped working when Vera was born, right? But we lowered our bills, stuck to a strict budget, started growing and storing our food on a more serious level, etc. What’s crazy is that we’re actually doing better than ever, just learning as we go. I think this goes for so many other areas of life. So many of the things that I think I need/want I can really do without- and happily. I just have to try it and see how it feels.

And then, a little refreshed, I look around and I see…

…room for lots of good.

In the coming weeks I plan to keep it simple, to be grateful for what I have, and to meditate on sharing my wealth. Because I am really really rich, in so many ways.


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