Ha! Did I say I'd post every day? Hmm… Okay, but twice in 3 days is pretty good, right? 

I never did talk about Solstice/Xmas crafting, so here goes. 

We kept it relatively simple this year. So much going on, and we didn't want to be up all night before family gatherings like in years past. So, while it wasn't without a couple of late nights, it wasn't nearly as stressful as it usually is. We were much more relaxed and evenly paced. Here are a few of the fruits of our labors:

Macaroons. I love them! They are so simple and good for you.

I tried my hand at salves/balms, and it was so easy I don't know that I'll ever buy them again. I infused coconut and olive oil with calendula and then used that as the base, and used local beeswax and honey to create the different textures/flavor. I added essential oils to create the different scents, but honestly the smell of beeswax is so nice I might just stick with that for myself. I love simple. But these were so fun. Olive oil base for the hand salve.

Coconut oil base for the lip balms.

These were truffles I made with just dates, cocoa, and walnuts. They were really nice and rich- a dark chocolate flavor with sweetness from the dates. Totally sugar free, simple and delicious.

These were the bigger projects. I wanted to create vertical planters, so with a bunch of internet research and a little creative license from Jeff and I, we created these boxes. A simple frame, lined with plastic sheeting, then recycled felt pockets to fit the plants. 

My original vision was to fit them with herbs for a kitchen, but it was really hard to find herbs this time of year! So I just filled them with house plants and will transplant herbs when my family members want them.

One all planted up. I wrapped the root balls in pieces of reusable grocery bags- to contain the soil but would also allow for drainage. Super simple. I am excited to do more with this design- it's space saving gardening and opens up options for so many people! 

Another one. These could easily be fit with a fluorescent light fixture at the top, and so there wouldn't even be a need for a sunny window spot. I plan to create one about three or four times this size for my own dining room wall, and I'd love to experiment with other edibles like greens and stuff.

I also brought a little basket of treats for my friend who just had surgery. 

This was a fun one. My friends with chickens had seen the egg holders that I got from my sister for my birthday, and they wanted something like that. I filed that away and determined to create something fun and unique for them. Jeff took off with the design and made this sweet little box. It holds 2 dozen eggs!

I also made a sweet french press cozy (reversible!) but forgot to get a picture before I gave it away. I also got some cloth napkins for my mom and stamped them to personalize them. I forgot to take pictures of that one too. Alas. I'm really grateful for this time of year and the opportunity to be creative. It's both an exercise in generosity, a rejection of the consumer culture that so dominates this season, and a reason to roll up your sleeves and try something new. I'm a fan. 

Did you guys make anything fun this season? 


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