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Today has been a nice day so far. Blue came over again to play with Maya. You can always tell who the “dog people” are by who is totally content to watch a couple of pups play… for hours.

I have a feeling of peace today. Yesterday I recognized some resentments, shed a tear or two, talked with Jeff and the lovely born-again-Tennessean, and I now feel a sense of serenity about something I didn’t even realize was an issue. Is good, no?

I think I strive for consistency in my life so much that sometimes I become very distraught when the world and certain people (or myself for that matter) just don’t make sense. I think that consistency is very important, but it is not always what you get- especially in relationships of any form.

I am very alive, very much growing, and very ‘myself’ lately. I’ve been really working on humility and honesty- within myself- and have noticed that I feel more… me. It’s refreshing, and gets easier the more I work on it.

March 2nd:

March 3rd:

The news… Lots going on, but most notably: My grandpa is very suicidal and is back in the hospital. My brother and his girlfriend broke up. The house that we are looking at buying is getting us very excited, and it’s looking like we may get it sooner than anticipated if all goes well. My sister is muy pregole. Jeff is the light of my life. Life is good.


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