Catch up. Catsup. Ketchup. Oh let’s call the whole thing off…

April 27th:

April 28th:
We got our rats! They are sooo cute. We didn’t get their aquarium until a couple days later, so they hung out in a little cooler for a while. The one on the left (distinguished by the lovely white diamond on the top of his head) is called Dill, and the one on the right (who, although you can’t see it, has grayish brown spots all over his tail) is called Walter. We love them already.

April 29th:
This was the day I got my hair all crazy like Marie Antionette. I’m waiting on those photos because I hope to get copies of some of the good ones 🙂 Anyway, after that looong day I went to Annie and Ryan’s for a barbecue/bonfire, and the moon was so bright it was amazing. They moved to this great farmhouse on the outskirts of town. I love Jeff in the glow of the fire…

April 30th:
These are fake flowers I found on the side of the road. I stuck them in with my shamrock plant. Sometimes it’s hard to find a picture a day! SHEESH! Gimme a break!

May 1st:
We built (well, Jeff really, but I totally helped with the design and everything, he’s just better with a saw than I am… for now.) a little play structure kind of thing for the rats. It’s important that they have places to go and hide and, ya know, do rat-type things. So we call this the Rat-i-tat. Ya get it? huh? Like "habitat" but only for rats. Haha. You get? yes? Did you laugh? Chris I know you laughed…

May 2nd:
Maya has been fascinated with the rats, and for a while there she was trying to jump up on the aquarium. She’s scared of the vacuum cleaner, so for a couple of days we set it in front of the ratitat. She’d just sit perched on the big chair, watching them and occasionally whining when they made too much noise drinking water. She’s mellowing as I suspected she would. She still occasionally sits with them and licks the glass. Kisses for her ratty friends.

May 3rd:
This was the "popping" day. I always have this sensation when the leaves are coming in on the trees. The buds are nice, they are the promise of all things green, but then there’s this one day when POP! The leave are there. I love this day, and it is always one of my favorites every year.

May 4th:
We got a bulletin board out of J’s parent’s garage. I recovered it with linen and super glue. I almost stuck my fingers together. And then I stuck things on it. And now I have a bulletin board hanging in the kitchen. And it was good.

May 5th:
Ah, yes, the birth of the garage-sale season. It was a promising start today. I spent less than ten bucks and I made out like a bandit. For real.

Ok, that felt really good, but I must stop because we got our soil delivered today and Jeff needs my help moving it to the raised beds before it rains… yah!


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