Busy, busy, busy!

I’ve been running around all over the place lately. It’s been nice too, it’s mostly just catching up with people and going out for tea, so what could be bad? Oh right, the stack of dishes at home that I’m too tired to tackle. Whatever. They will be there tomorrow. Lately I have several things I try to accomplish around the house during the week (there is a LOT to do), but I just don’t have time lately. I refuse to let it throw me though. I’ll be back on track in no time. Besides, I need this socialization before the baby comes. I think I will be glad that I spent good time with friends.

As far as project related things, I think Jeff is nesting. I got home tonight and there was crap everywhere and I could hear the radio playing in the basement. Jeff… CLEANED the basement. This is not just any basement either. It’s a “Michigan basement”- which means it’s sort of damp and gross and unfinished with dirt walls and makeshift shelving all around. He converted it into a semi-carpeted band room, however it was filled with junk in the corners and along the walls because it’s not that big of a basement and we still needed the storage. It was such a mess! It kind of reminded me of what underneath my bed looked like when I tried to pass my room off as clean because I wanted to go out to play. Now, I can actually see the basement being a successful storage/ band room. I never went down there because it was so overwhelming for me. He was so cute too, he had put on one of his old sweatshirts that he found that is waaaay too small for him (like, he probably wore it at age 12), and so he was just walking around with these 3/4 length puffy sleeves. Plus he’s so skinny that it just was adorable. I’m ridiculously pleased, and I think this baby prep has really gotten us to do some things that we should have done some time ago. The house looks crazy, but I swear it’s better.

Jeff and I made raw vanilla ice cream. We just sucked the cream right off the top of our milk… It is AMAZING. I don’t know that we’ll buy ice cream again. Fabulous.


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