Briquette wasn’t a word used for turkey… until yesterday

March 13th:

Yumtabuloustastic meal i made. All I can say is it involves slow cooking and paprika and just the right amount of mustard and spice… Yes sirree! It really was fabulously flavorful.
Jeff called it “Grace’s spicy vegetable soup and paprika turkey briquettes”- he thinks using the word “briquette” makes it fancy and French. I thought it made them suddenly look like lumps of charred meat. Oh well. I didn’t have any better ideas 😉
bri·quette also bri·quet Pronunciation (br-kt)


A block of compressed coal dust, charcoal, or sawdust and wood chips, used for fuel and kindling.

March 14th:

So I tried to get it the best I could. I was driving home from work today and at one point I was parallel to the train tracks just as a train was passing. It was as if we were racing! I could feel the vibrations and the noise right beside me. I scrambled to get the best picture I could but happened to take it just under a bridge. I couldn’t really take another or take my eyes off the road. Anyhow. It was fun. The train is in the middle of the left side of the photo.

By the way, you all need to update more! I miss you people. Yes, you.


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