Big sister doll :)

I’ve had time lately to tie up lots of loose ends. The one thing I wanted to do that I was having trouble getting around to was that "big sister" doll I wanted to make for Vera. I planned on doing it all in the evenings, but once evening came around I was finishing up the dishes and plopping. I wasn’t focused enough to craft. So I decided to just do it while she was awake and it wouldn’t be a surprise. I finished it in two days- really it was just a few hours of work spent on it. I’m actually really, really pleased with it and she won’t let it go. Success! I’m still amazed by how easy it turned out to be. I did have to scour the internet a little to find out how they make those heads and noses and how to attach the hair, but it was really just a mishmash of info from the internet. The inspiration was definitely these awesome Bamboletta Dolls , but we definitely can’t afford an expensive doll. I’m glad I was able to make one that I’m proud of. After baby is born I’ll make a baby version and embroider both their initials and birth dates on the respective dolls. It was really fun to do! And, dolls like this in the "Waldorf" style regularly sell for $100- but I made it for… scrap fabric and yarn. I mean, maybe $3 total? And of course my time, but that was surprisingly little too. 

Nap time today. I had just finished the hair and face, but didn’t have an outfit yet, but Vera didn’t care and wanted to sleep with her anyway.

And here she is! I just love her! I could probably make her some toes or something by just sewing into the feet a little. That might be fun.

The hair. It was kind of a project, but I’m really happy with it, and it’s pretty sturdy too. 

The whole outfit. This came right out of nowhere. The hat was actually a sleeve of an old sweater that I used to stuff for the head. So there was a little piece left over, and it just turned into this cute little hat. Then the dress was just made from some old pillowcases that I got at the thrift store for 50 cents a piece. I always look for pillowcases for just this reason. 

And my girl!

Anyway, just wanted to share. šŸ™‚


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