Everyone’s family has their interesting characters, yes? My dad’s side of the family is linked to some pretty shady folks. I know that we are somehow related to Aaron Burr. I also know that there was some man with an extended version of my (old) last name who was beheaded in the Tower of London for attempting to assassinate the queen. I’d really like to see a good family tree, but I’m not sure that we have one. Oh well. Anyway, my grandmother’s aunt Primrose is best known for leaving the family to join the circus. She was a trapeze artist and at some point she fell to her death. What I didn’t know was that Primrose was in fact her middle name, and that Vera was her first!
The reason this is of importance? Jeff and I are keeping the sex of our baby a surprise, but we decided months ago that if we have a girl then we’ll name her Vera Jean. Vera, because we like it and it means “truth” in Latin and “faith” in Russian. Jean after Jeff’s mom. So when my dad mentioned this to my grandma, she piped up to tell him that it is, in fact, a family name! I think it’s awesome.


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