Avocados are so yummy!

I feel very fresh and productive today. It started out slow and tired, but I think that’s due to the fact that it’s a Monday. After a little caffinated tea I felt much better.
I am a little worried about my health though. I’ve felt slightly nauseated all day, and my back hurts. hmm. I hope I’m not getting sick, or worse…
Yesterday I went to the film festival with Jeff, Gretchen, and Diane. That was fun and extremely educational. Also a little scary come to think about it. It was all about genetically engineered foods and the corporations that produce it knowing full well the possibility of harmful effects. I didn’t know it went all that far.
If anyone is interested in learning more about it all (which, if you don’t mind my saying, you should be. This affects everyone, especially our future kids, etc.)

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